Spike Carb Stone

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If you didn't already know the Spike Conical is a unitank! This means it is designed to handle pressures up to 15psi. This capability allows you to add ~12psi of pressure needed to carbonate your beer before transferring to your keg. This will reduce carbonation times from upwards of a week down to less than 24hrs.

Our carb stone is designed to attach to the outside of the racking port butterfly valve. This means the carb stone can be installed when you need it and won't be sitting inside the tank during the entire fermentation process. This eliminates the chance for the stone to become clogged. It also has a protective stainless housing which prevents damaging the very brittle 'stone'

Carb Stone 
-Carb Stone 
-1.5" TC Clamp 
-1.5" TC Gasket 
-Gas Post 


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