About us

The Evolution of Perfect Brewing Supply

Perfect Brewing Supply began in a warehouse in Mt. Prospect doing only mail orders. The story from there is a tangled web indeed. The business eventually found its way to the old Libertyville newspaper building, which had been expanded three times for the previous inhabitants. All this extra space allowed for Perfect Brewing Supply to merge with a carpentry business named A Rare Find. Under each owner the business had one thing in common – its love of homebrew.

This shop has been the home and favored destination of many local homebrewers and homebrew clubs, with our most notable former employee being Billy, the extremely talented brewer, shop manager and now Brewmaster at our local Tighthead Brewing Co.

There was a lull in the shop’s presence, for a while everyone thought that their hometown brew supply shop was closed for good. And that is where our story begins…

It was a random day, Andy and his good friend John were traveling by their old brew shop, glancing by yet again, in the hopes that maybe it would be opening and they happened to see some movement. They stopped by and the rest, as they say, is history…

Andy and Angela Denton are now the owners of Perfect Brewing Supply. Together they have over 40 years of retail experience and are excited to revive the shop to all of its previous glory. Andy has over 14 years of brewing experience, which all started from a homebrew kit from his father-in-law. Angela is the lover of all things wine and is always ready to give her opinion on any homebrew that comes in the door.

Together they have increased their knowledge of beer, wine, cider, soda and cheese through classes, seminars, trips to Napa and Europe – tasting the best the world has to offer. Everyday they are learning something new and it is their greatest pleasure to share it with their customers. If you have had a homebrew experience, you can almost guarantee that they have had the same. From exploding bottles to the challenges of a new keg system, from flat beers to bitter wines, determining how to brew safely with children – they have experienced quite a bit in their years of homebrewing.

Stop by the shop to hear the story of that first fateful meeting that got the shop started again and meet our talented crew. We hire homebrewers that know the craft and ensure that our customers are always the priority at Perfect Brewing Supply. Whether you are a novice or an experienced brewer, we welcome everyone to our shop to meet the family, taste an amazing homebrew made by one of our classes and soak in the atmosphere. So stop on by and remember – Great Friends Bring Homebrew!