Rakau (NZ) Pellet Hops 1 oz

Article number: Rakau (NZ) Pellet Hops 1 oz
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Breeding/Development: New Zealand. A dual-purpose  variety from HortResearch released in 2007. 

Brewing Application: Dual purpose. Rakau™ is a total package of high alpha acids and oil content (particularly myrcene) with low cohumulone, making it ideal for the “hoppy not bitter” school of IPA. Also well suited to hop-forward lagers, Belgian ales, or highly aromatic American wheats. 

Sensory: Unique aromas described as, “the whole orchard.” Dominant stone fruits (especially apricot), tropical fruits, and candy.


Hop Type: Dual Purpose
Origin: New Zealand
Alpha Acid: 9 - 11%
Common Styles: Pale Ales, IPAs, American Wheat, American Lager
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