Winemaking PBS Equipment Kit

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If you're looking to make some quality wine at home, this kit is a great starting point. It includes everything you need to get started, and then some. We threw in a couple extras that other kits might not include, like the automatic bottle filler and degassing rod. These items make life a little easier and improve the quality of your wine. Other items included are as follows:

  • 7.8 Gallon Plastic Fermenter 
  • 7.8 Gallon Plastic Lid D&G
  • 6 Gallon PET Carboy
  • #10 Drilled Rubber Stopper
  • Wine Thief / Combo Test Jar
  • Regular Size Auto Siphon
  • 5 feet 5/16” ID Tubing
  • 3 piece Airlock
  • Hydrometer
  • The WHIP De-Gassing Rod
  • 4 oz Star San
  • 2 oz Alkaline Wash
  • 18” Plastic Spoon
  • Portuguese Double Level Hand-Corker
  • Automatic Bottle Filler
  • Carboy Brush
  • Bottle Brush
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