Intro to All Grain / Mash Essentials, 3/28/20

Article number: Intro to All Grain / Mash Essentials, 3/28/20
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This class is an in-depth dive into the science that goes on in your mash tun. This is a great class for people who already know what goes on in the boil kettle, but may want to dive a little deeper into what goes on in the Mash tun itself, and how it affects your beer. Duration of this class is 3 hours. Snacks and samples will be provided. If you would like to attend, please RSVP through this event page, our e-commerce site or call/email us to reserve your spot. Link to purchase tickets is on the event page.

This class will take place on Saturday, March 28th starting at 9am and end right around Noon. No physical ticket is required. Your name will be added to the class roster upon purchase through this page.

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