Roast Aged Sumatran Coffee Beans 1lb

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Article number: Roast Aged Sumatran Coffee Beans 1lb
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Until fairly recently, we were able to buy aged coffees. These coffees are carefully stored after they are harvested and dried, which mellows out the acidity (a.k.a. brightness) and increases the body. We miss having aged coffees around, so much so that our top secret Coffee Lab has devised a top secret way to replicate this process, which we call “roast aging”. Want to know more? Didn’t you see the “top secret”?! Sheesh! Expect aromatics of toast, caramel, and subtle spice. The cup is super heavy-bodied and earthy, with notes of smoke and the darkest dark chocolate. The acidity is virtually non-existent, which means this coffee is geared more toward fans of the Monsooned Malabar or 9thº

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