Blonde Ambition - PBS Kit

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This Beer is for all the ambitious brewers out there.  If you are looking for a crowd pleaser or just want a simple easy drinking,  porch rocking, beer to drink, than look no further.  The Blonde Ambition is a great balance of malts, hops, and yeast, with a smooth finish.  
Style : Blond Ale
Steeping Grains : Munich Light / Vienna / Red Wheat
Extracts : Pilsen Light
Hops : Simcoe
Yeast : Omega West Coast or other Neutral American Ale Strains
Hop Additions:
.5 oz Simcoe at 60 mins
.5 oz Simcoe at 10 min
Target Original Gravity : 1.046
Target Final Gravity : 1.011
Target IBUs : 23.5
Color : 3.16 SRM
Target ABV :4.6%
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